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E-Z Spin Rotisserie Engine Stand Attachment - M998082

Industry Dolly

  • $69.99

Another brilliant addition to the E-Z Spin Rotisserie attachment line.This kit attaches to the Auto Rotisserie (sold separately) and turns one of the ends into the worlds best engine stand. If you've used the Auto Rotisserie then you know how great a tool it is. Imagine having that full adjustability while working on or rebuilding an engine. With this attachment you can hang virtually any engine and work on it with ease. Take advantage of all of the features our E-Z Spin system with this handy attachment tool.


• Mounts easily on the E-Z Spin Auto Rotisserie (sold separately)
• Full 360 degree rotation
• 12 Multi-Angle Positioning positive stops at 30 degree intervals
• Heavy duty to accommodate virtually any engine
• Independently adjustable arms for unlimited block mounting
• Made in the USA with the finest materials