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Flush Top Dolly - M998044

Industry Dolly

  • $129.99

The Flush Top Dolly is designed for loads that would be dimpled or dented by exposed nuts or caster threads. Ideal for transporting crates, totes, boxes, pallets, machinery, or wherever a heavy, solid deck dolly is required. Made of incredibly strong 1/4" steel. Holds up where mere plastic, wood, or pressed steel folds or splinters.

Features & Specifications:

• Completely flush top means no material being dimpled or marred due to exposed caster bolts and nuts.
• Heavy Duty casters
• Ball Bearings on spindles and axles
• Weight rated at 2500 lbs (per dolly)
• Mar-resistant Polyolefin casters
• Fully assembled
• Durable powder coat finish
• Made of 1/4" thick steel plate, measures 12"x16"x4"
• Sold as singles